How to be more feminine and soft starting today

October 12, 2021rumaisah

This is the ultimate guide on how to be more feminine and soft.

how to be more feminine and soft
Have you always wondered what it will be like to look more feminine and feel more feminine? I think the majority of us have been there before.
I was once a tomboy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to be a tomboy if that’s what makes you comfortable. I used to wear dull colors, preferred sneakers to sandals or heels and the majority of my friends were male. It was comfortable but then I started feeling insecure. I would constantly admire the girls on my Instagram feed for how classy they looked and how they kept radiating this good energy. You could see the glow in their faces.
I started imagining what it will be like to be such a girl so I started working on myself. I would google terms like how to be more feminine, how to become more feminine, and how to be more feminine as a teenager. 3 years later into my transition from being a tomboy to a classy girly lady, I couldn’t be happier.
In this post, I will be sharing all the tips that helped me become more feminine and soft and how you too can become more feminine and womanly.

How to become more feminine

Stop swearing

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Swearing doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look rachet and loud. You don’t want that. I know that can be difficult these days because the music industry is constantly pushing the use of these dirty words. Instead of listening to such songs, try switching them out with some great podcasts and even audiobooks. That will actually benefit you more in the long run.
I am actually trying to quit listening to music altogether because of the bad side effects it has on us. If you can’t do that, stick to only clean songs and songs that inspire you. Before you know it, you will stop swearing.

Have manners

Be nice to waiters, cleaners, and people below you. Don’t look down on anyone just because you’re above them. Remember that the tables can turn around anytime. Be nice to your drivers, learn to say thank you, even to kids. Also when it comes to manners, table manners are very important as well. Don’t talk with your mouth full and chew quietly. There are a lot of videos out there teaching people proper table manners. Go and watch them. Making simple changes like this can save you from a lot of embarrassing moments.

Smile more

Smiling a lot automatically boosts your femininity. Ladies and girls that smile more are perceived as more feminine and more approachable. The best makeup you can wear is a smile and you don’t know whose day you will make just by smiling at them. Smiling can literally change someone’s life, really. Also, don’t worry about having smile lines and wrinkles. There are a lot of effective products in the market today.

Accept help

This is something I am still struggling with. Accepting help. I have always been independent and I find it difficult to seek or accept help. You’re a lady, you shouldn’t be suffering. Our bodies weren’t meant for difficult tasks.
If someone is offering to help you carry your groceries to your car for you, let them. If you’re having difficulty reaching something on the top shelf in the store, ask for help. The chances of someone saying no to your request is literally almost zero. you can be independent and still accept help.

Take your personal hygiene more seriously

Be constantly groomed. Take regular showers, always wear clean clothes and use good quality body products. Women are known to be very clean creatures so why shouldn’t you be?
I spoke a lot more about this in my posts where I talked about how to look prettier and how to glow up. You can read those once you’re done with this.
Please take good care of your skin. Have a skincare routine and stick to it, use great products that actually work and avoid these skincare mistakes.

Work on your posture

I think we all have a problem with our posture. If you work from home or take online classes, you will notice that your posture gets worse with time. This can also lead to health issues like back pain and so much more. Again, there are tons of information out that about postures and how to improve your posture so make sure you improve your posture. A great posture will make you appear more confident and elegant. Talking about confidence …

Have confidence

I know it’s easier said than done but you need to be more confident about yourself. Start by learning how to love the way your body looks, your skin tone, and the acne on your face. Here are a few tips to help you become more confident

How to be more confident

  1. Don’t listen to your limiting self-beliefs

  2. Practice daily positive affirmations

  3. Learn to accept criticism

  4. Learn something new

  5. Get out of your comfort zone and take control of fears

  6. Be curious

  7. Don’t compare yourself with others

how to be confident, how to more feminine

Dress classy

Wear clothes that are meant for your body type. Try out new patterns, colors, and fabric materials. Dress the way you want to be addressed.
Wearing revealing clothes doesn’t make you more feminine. It’s actually the other way round. Wear clothes that don’t show all your body. Don’t expose yourself to the world. When you’re covered, it tells people that you have self-respect and they will respect you for that and it will make you look more feminine.
Start wearing heels if you can, sandals and boots. Work on your accessories too. There are tons of inspections out there especially on Pinterest so go there and find your style.

Less is more

You don’t have to own hundreds of shoes and bags. Having 3 good-quality bags from a great store like Gucci, Zara, or Micheal kors is better than having 10 from Walmart or Target. Keep your wardrobe minimal yet so functional.
When it comes to dressing as well, less is more. Don’t go overboard with your accessories. A few rings with a bracelet and stunning earrings are enough to take your outfit from a 5 to a solid 10. Also, don’t drown yourself with perfume when you’re going out. A few sprays here and there are more than enough too. That’s why you should also invest in good perfumes. A little goes a long way, they smell so good and lasts all day long.

Don’t chase

The only thing you should chase is money and knowledge. Don’t be clingy and everywhere. Learn to give space, even to your friends. Start spending more time alone and enjoying your own company. Love yourself. Let them miss you once in a while.

Be a better conversationalist

This one right here too is very important. Learn to hold a conversation and keep it going without being boring. Be a fun person to chat with. If you don’t know where to start from, here are a few tips to help you be a better conversationalist:

How to be a better conversationalist

  1. Be an active listener

  2. Keep an open mind to learn from the person you’re having a conversation with.

  3. Don’t force your opinion on others

  4. Be knowledgeable about subjects that interest you

  5. Let the person finish talking before you add something to it

  6. Focus on the positives

  7. Make eye contact regularly

how to be a better conversationalist

Spend time with other women

Please don’t make the mistake I did when I was younger whereby I had only male friends. A great female friendship is unbeatable. They are more relatable, fun to be with and you feel safer around them. Go out with them and have lunch together and talk about life. Go for social events happening around you. That will help you to meet new great people and also help with your confidence too. Sisterhood is a must!
how to be more feminine, how to be more feminine and soft

Final thoughts on how to be more feminine

That brings us to the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did while writing and editing it. Let me know in the comments if you’re doing some of the few tips I mentioned above. Let me also know what you will like to add to the list as well.
how to become more feminine

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Ready to be more feminine?
Thank you for reading!

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