About me

Do you think my writing is so interesting that you wanted to know more about the owner of this blog? I will take that as a yes and I am very flattered.
Hello, My name is Rumaisa and this is…

My story

I started this blog because I loved to write and needed a place to just dump all the knowledge I had. I am somebody that loves to try out different things so I knew sticking to one niche was impossible. A lot of successful bloggers and content creators out there will tell you that if you want to really succeed, you have to stick to one topic. But what if I wasn’t feeling that topic anymore? What if I had a life-changing life hack I wanted to share with my readers that didn’t fit my current niche? Or simply what if I wanted to just inspire someone through my words and help them become a better version of themselves?
Sticking to one niche in order to succeed is actually very true to some extent but as I am currently living my one and only life, I choose to be different.
Lifewithrumie.com is a lifestyle blog that talks about so many different things. From makeup to skincare, all the way to even how to become a better student in college.
The name of this blog fits perfectly with its objectives. I want you to experience life from my own point of view. I want this blog to be a place you can always come back to. Just the way it’s my happy place, I hope one day it will be your happy place too.
I am currently 20 years old in my 3rd year of college studying industrial chemistry. I am still very young and I know I have a lot waiting for me in the future. This is just the beginning and I want you to stick with me as we go through this beautiful journey of life together.
For questions or if you’re interested in collaborating, please email me at Info@lifewithrumie.com