15 college dorm room essentials every fresher needs

June 11, 2020rumaisah

College dorm room essentials

Do you want to know something that all students from any college around the world agree with?

College dorm rooms are tiny

This is a straight fact and you need to always have that in mind when you’re going to college. You want to pack only the things you need to save as much space as you possibly can.

I have spoken about everything you need to pack for college and today, I will be talking about the college dorm room essentials every fresher will need. If you want your first semester to be easy, then consider coming with the following:

college dorm room essentials every fresher needs

Storage boxes

They come in different sizes and materials. I love the cotton or plastic ones. These are important for organizing tiny things like your socks and underwear to huge things like your towels and clothes. I have the ones with lids that I can easily stack up. You can easily fit them under your dorm bed and anything you put inside will be safe from dust and moisture.

A power strip

Always go for the one that has a very long cord. If you have a lot of electronics, you will surely need one of these so that you can charge multiple things at once. There is no such thing as having enough plugs.

Shower caddy

College bathrooms are not very big and that’s where a shower caddy comes in handy. Having a shower caddy will allow you to have all your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and any other thing you need in the bathroom all in one place. It keeps everything organized. Always go for the one with holes under so that water can drain from it easily.

Waterproof flip flops

Having good flip flops will save you from slipping in this bathroom. There are so many out there but I always recommend the ones that are waterproof and yet stylish in a way that you can even wear them to class if you want to, like the Nike slides.

Shoe rack

Getting a shoe rack will help you to have all your shoes in one place and organized. They come in different forms and sizes but I suggest you get the one that can hold at least 8-10 pairs of shoes.

Portable speaker /headphones

You will think you don’t need one till you are about to do your dishes or laundry and you have nothing to entertain yourself with. Get yourself a speaker or headphones so that you could listen to your favorite song or podcast ( if you’re obsessed like me) while doing some chores. You will thank me later.

Laundry hamper

Having dirty clothes all over the place is one of the reasons dorm rooms look very untidy but with a laundry hamper, you will have all your dirty clothes in one place. Mine comes with side pockets which are nice because I get to keep my detergent there and two sturdy rope handles that allow me to carry everything at once without having to do multiple trips.

An electric kettle

I just don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t have an electric kettle. There was a time the heaters in our bathroom had a problem so there was no hot water at all in the shower stalls. Fortunately, I had an electric kettle so every time I wanted to take a warm bath, I will heat water and turn it into a bucket and take it with me to the bathroom and fill the rest of the bucket with cold water. It could be a lifesaver during winter.

If you love taking tea or coffee always, having an electric kettle will allow you to quickly make a cup every time you want and save you the cost of buying it outside all the time.

Water filter

Having a water filter will save you from drinking dirty chlorinated water all the time especially when you have decided to stop spending so much on plastic bottle water.

Clorox wipes

Do you want to quickly disinfect? Clorox wipes are a must-have. You can easily clean items with it while disinfecting them at the same time because some things in college need quick disinfection before use, like the toilet seat.

Desk organizer

As someone that has an obsession with cute stationeries, a desk organizer has helped me a lot. I get to arrange all my pens, markers, sticky notes, and even files neatly in one corner of my desk, all thanks to a desk organizer.


Having a wastebasket in your dorm room will result in having a very clean room because every piece of paper, bottle, chocolate wrappers will go into the wastebasket which can easily be emptied later.


Dish drainer

As long as you have utensils you use, a dish drainer comes in handy because you get to arrange all your plates, cups, and spoons all in one place after washing them. I won’t recommend using the one available in your kitchen because those are unhygienic and your things get missing easily. Get one and keep it in your dorm room.

Makeup organizer

You can’t always have your makeup products in a small makeup bag. Get a plastic makeup organizer and place all your makeup products on it. You will be able to find the product you need easier and quicker and if you have some extra space, you can use it to hold your jewelry. It could serve two purposes.

Being in college is fun and when you know little secrets like this, it makes life there easier and more exciting.

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What are some dorm room essentials you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Deandra

    June 11, 2020 at 7:58 pm

    I’ve never lived in a college dorm, but my friends did and I can agree that these are all very essential!

    1. rumaisah

      June 14, 2020 at 5:54 pm

      Girl life during my first year was awful. I am glad I will be able to help the freshers with this post. thanks for reading.

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