10 College apps every student should have on their phone

July 14, 2020rumaisah

Some things just make college life a little easier and one of them is having great college student apps on your phone.

In this post, I will be sharing 10 phone apps I believe every college student needs. They just make life so much easier.

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10 Must have college student apps

10 Must have college student apps

I love Evernote so much. It is my favorite note-taking app ever. I have had it since 2017 and never looked back.

You can use Evernote to quickly jot down ideas or short notes. It is very easy to use and straightforward. I love how you can place your notes into different books that you can create within the app just to keep everything organized. Another great feature is you can easily sync your notes to your laptop or tablet. 11/10 will recommend this. Available on the Apple store and google play store.




Asana is a great app for organizing your life. You can use it to plan out your week, set due dates and reminders.
I started using Asana when I started this blog to plan out my weeks and months but later on started using it to plan my life in college and it has been amazing so far. It’s free on the apps store and play store as well.



If you haven’t heard of Grammarly by now, then I’m convinced you live under a rock. Grammarly started as a website and a web browser extension but they now have a mobile app! It is one of the best editing software out there. Once you get the browser extension, it will highlight any grammatical errors you have in your writings and suggest the corrections for them. How amazing is that? For the app, all you have to do is install it on your phone, then add the keyboard and it will edit any piece of information you type. I can’t begin to tell you how Grammarly has saved me so many times. You just need to try it out yourself to see what I am talking about so do so.

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Khan Academy

Khan academy is a great app that has tons of video tutorials on different courses. If you are finding a certain topic difficult, just look it up on khan Academy and you will see so many resources and videos that will help you. As a chemistry student, I must say that this app has a special place in my heart.


Google drive

You will not know the value google drive holds till you start getting a lot of slides and you need a place to store them safely. Google drive is a wonderful storage app that you can keep all your digital notes, PowerPoint presentations, and pictures all in one place. Another awesome thing that people don’t know can be done on google drive is that you can easily create PowerPoint and even work on a group project together with your team members.

A great alternative to this is Dropbox which I use specifically for my blog related content. It’s just as good as google drive. Try out both and see which one you prefer.

college student apps you need to install today

Todoist is just an app that you can write down your to-do list. You might think you don’t need one but it’s very helpful. Apart from planning my week, I love to break down big tasks of the week into smaller ones and spread them throughout the days of the week. With a Todoist, it just makes everything organized and easier to achieve.


Every morning, I open this little app and write down all the things I want to tackle for the day and set reminders where necessary. It’s very handy because it will keep you notified of important tasks and you can easily go through your to-do list and see what you need to do next and what you’ve done already. This year, be more organized and start by getting Todoist.

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Forest-stay focused

This is a $2 app that is very addictive to use. So basically what this app does is to help you remain focus and stay away from your phone. When you start studying, you plant a tree and it starts growing as your reading. But if you stop reading and start doing something else on your phone, that plant dies. Now, who will want to kill his plant? You get to collect coins within the app and if you have enough, you can get a real tree planted on your behalf, simply for studying. Isn’t that so cool? Get this app, ace your paper, and save the ecosystem.

A great alternative is the focus keeper app on IOS.


Merriam-webster Dictionary

We all know how heavy dictionaries are. Well, who needs a hard copy when you can get an app for it, free of charge? This is a great app to have on your phone that allows you to quickly look up the meaning of words instantly. One thing I love about it is that it has weekly challenges that allow you to practice your vocabulary and learn new words.

A great alternative is the Oxford Dictionary of English.



We all have probably heard of Quizlet before. This is a wonderful app for practicing your course work. Quizlet isn’t just for test answers (which is in part an awesome study tool!) It allows you to create study cards to study on-the-go.



Mint is one of the best money-saving apps around. It works by allowing you to see all of your finances through a single portal. It also lets you set your financial goals so that the app can provide you with more personalized money-saving advice and track the progress you make toward your aims. Don’t think you need to be earning a certain amount of money before you start saving. Even if it’s a dollar, save it. It will gradually build up.

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I am currently living on just $110/month as a college student and I am still able to save something out of it. If I can do it, then you can as well. Just make sure you stop buying unnecessary things.
I have a post about great skills you can learn for free and make money from it, make sure you check it out

If you’re in Nigeria, a great money-saving app is Cowrywise. You can set up different money goals you want to achieve. One of the things I love about Cowrywise is that it locks your money for a certain period. That way, it stops you from withdrawing it and spending it.


College is not easy I have to say but with little apps like this, it just makes some things so much easier. What are your favorite college apps that you would recommend for every student? Are you using some of the ones I mentioned here already? Let me know in the comments!

college student apps you need

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