7 habits of successful people you need to adapt

June 21, 2020rumaisah

The habits of successful people are not as complex as we assume.

Have you ever admired how successful someone has become in such a short time that you begin to wonder what their secret is? well, the answer is in their daily habits.

Ever since the beginning of this decade, as I am about to enter my 20s, I decided it was time to let go of my toxic habits and start picking up healthy habits that will make me a better person and possibly, successful as well.

habits of successful people

I realized that to figure out what habits I needed to start, it was important to monitor the great people I look up to and see what their daily routine was.

Choosing who to monitor was very easy because my role models were always in front of me, my parents. I decided to monitor them for two weeks and see what their daily routine was and what I need to start doing if I want to become successful like them, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and of course, financially.

At the end of my little survey, I figured out that these were the 7 healthy habits of successful people:

They wake up early

Waking up early can be so hard but if you want to accomplish more in a day, then starting the day early is very important. When you wake up early, you have more hours to accomplish more tasks. Here are 10 productive things you can do before 10 am.

something I have been doing that seems to work well for me was planning my day first thing in the morning. This helps me to set my priority of the day and also make sure I do the right things at the right time. This printable planner makes it super easy to plan. it has a daily planner, a weekly planner, and 2 different types of monthly planners. I love how it’s very clean and has all the essential features I would love my planners to have. You can get yours for just $3.00 here.

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They believe in their selves

It’s completely normal to feel like you’re not doing the right thing or whatever you’re working on might not work but let me tell you something. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Yes, it’s not going to be easy. Sometimes people might even make fun of you but that should be your motivation. If you want to succeed in anything, you need to believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it, put in the effort and what your dreams come through.

They read a lot

habits of successful people

Yes! This is so accurate. My dad has a mini library in his room filled with hundreds of books and novels. At first, I thought that he just loves reading but later on, I realized that reading is what made him who he is today. When you read the right books, they inspire, motivate, and educate you. You will also learn a lot of life lessons that will come in handy soon. Make it a habit to read for at least 10-15 minutes every day. If you don’t love reading like me, try audiobooks, podcasts, or even videos from YouTube.

They are very organized

Here is when planning comes to play. They plan their weeks and also have a daily plan. When you plan, you get to know what your priorities are so that you can tackle them. This is something I have been doing lately and I must say it works like magic because it just makes me twice as productive. I write down achievable goals for the day and start working on them starting with the most important tasks. At the end of the day, I can achieve so much and that feeling of crossing off a task from your checklist is everything.

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plan your daily , weekly and monthly activities easily.

They spend time with people who inspire them

A lot of people disagree with this saying that goes

“show me your company and I will tell you the kind of person you are”

but I 100% agree with it. Initially, you might not be like them but the more time you start spending together, the more likely you’re to pick up some of their habits.

Successful people always surround themselves with like-minded people. They support and motivate each other to be better.

They make time

Making time for everything is important to them. They work hard but they still get to do fun things they love as a way to relax. After a stressful day, my favorite thing to do is my skincare routine at night. It’s just so therapeutic to me. You should practice self-care and also make it a habit.

They take risks

This is probably the hardest habit to adopt because we are always questioning ourselves about what will happen if we do this or that. Successful people are not afraid to take risks. Even if there is a probability that it might not work, they still go ahead and invest their resources and time just to see the outcome. If they succeed, they will be happy they got what they want and if they fail, they have learned a new lesson.

Learn to take risks even if the tiny voice in your head is telling you it’s not a good idea. It’s better to try out something and see what will happen than to live every day wondering how your life would’ve turned out to be if you had given something a chance.

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If you plan on starting a new habit today, I recommend this habit tracker printable. you can track your habit for 30 days or 100 days. it has minimal distraction which I like and it makes habit tracking fun. Grab yours here for just $2.50!


That brings us to the end of this post. I am still struggling to learn some of these habits but slowly, I think I am finally getting it. They are tons of habit tracker inspiration on my Pinterest you might want to copy so go ahead and follow me there.

It might not happen quickly but if you’re consistent, you will surely see a change.

Today I have an assignment for you. Go and monitor someone amazing that inspires you and look up to and see what their daily routine consists of. Try and pick some of their good habits and start practicing them. You will be blown away by how will change in the next 30 days.

What are the habits you’re trying to be consistent with?


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