7 cheap makeup brands that are really great quality

January 11, 2020rumaisah

7 cheap makeup brands that are really great quality
Great makeup to me is the one that has the quality and is very affordable. I am such a lover for drugstore makeup products because they get the job done and are quite affordable.

In this post today, I will be talking about 7 cheap makeup brands that are really great quality.


Milani was a makeup company I fell in love with for a long time. They provide all types of makeup products from foundations to powders to lipstick. Have you ever heard about their conceal+perfect 2-in-1 foundation + concealer or their rose powder blush? Those two broke the internet at some point because of how good they were! I love purchasing my lipsticks from Milani because they are long-wearing and they dry matte. Check them out.

2.L.A girl

One thing that comes to everybody’s mind when L.A girl is mentioned is their $3 (N1200) L.A girl pro concealer. That was probably the first concealer everybody ever used! I still have some of them because of how good they are and their color correctors are a must-have. I think this brand is kind of underrated because most people only know about this concealer and the color correctors but they offer a lot more than that! They have different types of products from foundations to powders to even makeup brushes.

3.E.L.F cosmetics

To this day, I have never seen a makeup brand that offers cheap products that have great quality like E.L.F cosmetics. Their products are so good that they are often used as dupes for high-end brands. They have a lot of makeup products to choose from and even skincare products now!

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4.Wet N Wild

I can’t exactly remember how I found out about this brand but I am glad I did. You have to try out their liquid lipsticks and powder highlighters because omg, they are perfect! They are just as good as those you will find at Sephora, if not better! It’s also an affordable cosmetics brand that offers a wide range of products to choose and yes, they are also super affordable and highly pigmented.


This has to be among my top 3 drugstore makeup brands. Maybelline is just everything. They have a lot of makeup products and also a wide range of shade compared to other brands and I think that’s something that makes them stand out. Have you tried their Maybelline fit my collection? Or their super stay lipsticks? No? Then have to head to the nearest store and grab these products. I honestly hope that they will soon bring out a brush set and beauty blender because that is the only thing they are lacking. They are working hard by giving up high-end quality for such a cheap price and I think that is commendable.

6.BH cosmetics

*gets a flashback of 2015* I have had a lot of great memories with BH cosmetics and how they have helped me in my makeup journey. The first-ever brush set I owned was from BH cosmetics. It was a 24 pieces brush set and it was everything then. They have grown tremendously ever since and I am here for it! Have you heard about the take me to Brazil palette? It is from cosmetics and it is one of the prettiest makeup palettes I have ever seen. They have a lot of products from foundations to eye shadow palettes worth trying out.

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Was I saving last for the best? Maybe. Color pop has proved to use that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get makeup products that 10/10 in quality and application. They check all my boxes when it comes to what I look for in my makeup. The longevity is there, the shades are amazing, the wear is nice and the price is so affordable. Can anything be better than this? Stop whatever you’re doing (after you finish reading this of course) and go and get yourself a tube of their no filter concealer if you don’t have one already. That thing was made somewhere in heaven maybe.

That’s all I have for you today. I hope you’re already planning on taking a trip to the nearest store soon.

What is your all-time favorite drugstore makeup brand? Do you know another cheap makeup brands that are really great quality?  Let me know in the comments.

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  • Carolyn

    February 17, 2020 at 1:10 pm

    These are some great makeup recommendations! I love makeup, but I am not willing to drop a huge amount of money on it (I won’t even go into Sephora, cause there’s no way I wouldn’t spend a ton of money). I’ve heard of Wet N Wild, Mabelline, and E.L.F., but I haven’t seen the other ones. Will definitely look for those brands next time I’m shopping. Thanks!

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