10 wonderful makeup hacks you need to test

November 6, 2018rumaisah

Makeup hacks you need to try| makeup hacks tips and tricks

Its official, makeup hacks are awesome. When I first started using makeup, I was still in high school. Meaning I didn’t have enough money to waste on buying makeup I actually loved and wanted to try out.

Fortunately for me one day, I came across a youtube video that was talking about makeup hacks. She only spoke about three but trust me, they were life-changing tips to me.

Ever since then, I have been trying out makeup hacks and experimenting with the little makeup products I owned at that time. With makeup hacks, I was about to save over $250! Isn’t that so cool? I was able to look peng without going broke.

In this post, I will be mentioning my favorite makeup hacks of all time. Grab a book and a pen and get jotting.

    Using an eyeshadow primer to control the oil on my nose.

This is hands down one of my favorite hacks ever! I have a combination skin so my T-zone tends to be very oily later in the day. After priming my entire face with a face primer, I go ahead and apply an eyeshadow primer on my nose then spread it evenly, spray my nose with setting spray then finally apply my foundation and carry on with my life.

So easy to implement but trust me, once you start using this hack, you will not want to stop. With this hack, I was able to save money on the expensive cream I was told to invest in that controls the oil secreted from oil glands on the nose.

    Using translucent powder to mattify shiny lipsticks.

Ever wanted a certain lipstick shade matte but you couldn’t afford it or you can’t just find it in stores? Then this hack is for you. Apply the shade you want to be mattified and then take a tissue and hold it over your lips. Using a brush, pick some of the translucent powder and sweep it over the tissue. Remove the tissue and you have a beautiful matte shade of lipstick.

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Extra tip: repeat the above procedure twice or thrice if you want the lipstick to last for a very long time. Thank me later.

     Eyeshadow colors equal to so many lipsticks

Why spend so many money on lipsticks when you can get all the shades right from your eyeshadow palette? This is a hack I feel every person should know. Eyeshadows are now very popular so every day, new ones and new colors/textures are produced. I own a BH cosmetics eyeshadow palette that has over 30+ colors. It is super pigmented and yet so easy to blend out.

All you have to do is to first rub lip balm on your lips then take some of your desired eyeshadow colors with your finger and tap it on your lips. The more eyeshadow you apply, the more the color shows up. If you want your lips to be poppin’ then you can go ahead and apply some clear lip gloss afterward and boom, you will have the boys chasing you after school.

    Don’t throw your mascara away, yet!

Sometimes after using mascara for a few weeks, you will find out that it looks like it has dried out and it gets clumping. Don’t throw it away! All it needs is a little heat to be back to normal. So grab your mascara and stick it in between your boobs (breast/mammary glands) and if you don’t have the breast to hold it (sorry about that), simply put it under your armpit and wait for a few minutes. You will find out that after removing it, it is back to normal and not clumping at all.

A moment of silence for all the mascara that you threw away thinking it has finished. You could have saved the money you used to buy another one for something more useful.

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talking about lashes, here is how you can make yours very long and full in just 3 days

    Bye-bye mascara, hello new spoolie

mascara wand

What is better than one spoolie? Two spoolies. After all the good memories you have had with your mascara, one day, another one must replace it(please, don’t take this too deep) wouldn’t it be a great idea to have something to remind you of that great hero? That mascara was with you when you wanted to look cute or make your lashes look fuller.

remove the mascara wand and you just got yourself a new spoolie. I literally can’t remember the last time I bought a spoolie (unless it came with the brush set I bought or so) spoolie is a must have and with this hack, you don’t even need to buy one. Those few dollars can get you a chilled can of soda during lunch.

   Use Eyeshadow primer to make eyebrow product last longer

Best eyebrow hack ever! Always use an eyeshadow primer on your brows to make eyebrow gel, pencil, gel last all day. This makeup hack is great for those of us that can’t afford expensive brow pomade since the affordable ones tend to clean off later In the day

    Using mascara as an eyeliner

Oh my God, this is a holy grail hack.  mascara could be used for other things apart from making those lashes thicker, longer and popping. I found this hack when I ran out of eyeliner (I always have makeup products that finish at the wrong time).

Take your angled brush, pick some of the mascara and draw your wings. I have to tell you they were so beautiful. My wings looked so defined because the mascara is well pigmented and they were water-proof. You can save some money by using your mascara to draw your eyeliners (if you are super broke).

    Using my dark brown eyebrow pencil to contour.

This is one of the coolest hacks ever! Dark eyebrow pencil contours soo well for me. I have a light brown skin so it shows perfectly when I use it. I just draw single lines on my face where contouring is needed then I use my brushes to blend everything. You should definitely try it out one day.

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You can save money by buying a $3.99 eyebrow pencil for contouring instead of that $25 contour kit (if you need that money for something else)

    Using glittery eyeshadow to highlight.

This is hands down my favorite makeup hack ever. I am OBSESSED with highlighters. I literally have soo many of them and discovering this hack just adds to my collection.

Once it is time for me to use the highlighter in my makeup routine, I simply grab my glittery MAC eye-shadow palette and swipe that fan brush on my chosen color (I normally go for gold or rose gold) then brush it on my face and this girl over here is ready to blind the haters. This hack performs the same function those $45 glow kit does.

Makeup hacks you need to try| makeup hacks tips and tricks

   Donut bun maker to wash your makeup brushes

We all have to admit that washing makeup brushes are one of the most stressful things ever. After the invention of those plastic makeup washing plates, the life of some people become easier. But what about those that couldn’t afford it? Next time you want to wash your brushes grab your bun maker. Lather the brush’s hair and scrub it on the bun maker. After a few minutes, you will get all the makeup products off your brushes and finally rinse them off. Washing of brushes made easy and cheaper(no need of the plate again)


That brings us to the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did while writing it. What was your favorite from the list?? How many have you tried out? Let me know in the comment section.

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Makeup hacks you need to try| makeup hacks tips and tricks

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