Top 5 drugstore foundations for oily skin

July 30, 2019rumaisah
The best drugstore foundations for oily skin
This post is all about drugstore foundations for oily skin.
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If you have normal skin, that should be your biggest flex. why? Because the majority of us have an oily face or oily t-zones. Here is how to find out what your skin type is.
My T-zone is the worst place on my entire face because it’s so oily. I’m not even joking, the oil it produces every day is enough for you to fry 2 eggs. That’s how oily I can get!
With the help of some skin care products and natural remedies like rice water and vinegar toner, I was able to drastically reduce sebum production. But it still gets oily after hours though.
When it comes to choosing makeup products for your oily face, you have to be very careful, like tip-top careful, especially foundation because you don’t need any more oil on your face. You want to stay matte for as long as possible.
Although I had to try different types of foundation to finally get the best ones, I don’t want you to suffer that way because those dollars and thousands I spent trying to find my right shade and foundation will probably be enough for me to go to Dubai (I’m just exaggerating but that’s just to show you that I spent a lot)
If you have an oily face like me and you’re trying to find the top drugstore foundations for your oily skin that will keep you matte all day and has good coverage then keep on reading.
Make sure you stay till the end because I will be sharing some other great tips that will help you stay shine-free even longer. Trust me, you don’t want to miss that.
Before I start, let’s talk about a few things you should look for in a foundation designed for oily face

What to look for in foundations if you have oily skin:

Table of Contents

1. Matte Finish

This is pretty self-explanatory, right? If you have oily skin, you definitely want to look for a matte foundation that will help control oil.
Without a matte finish, you’ll be shiny in no time!

 2. Pore Refining

With oily skin, pores tend to be more visible, so finding a foundation that is pore-refining or pore blurring would be great.
Of course, you can also use a pore-filling primer to blur your pores even more!

3. Long-lasting

With oily skin, it’s important to find a foundation that will stay put!
Oil tends to break up makeup, so when you’re wearing a foundation that doesn’t last long in the first place, your oils will break up your foundation even faster!

4. Oil-free

If you have oily skin, you totally want an oil-free foundation! You don’t want to put oil on top of oil, right?
Choosing an oil-free foundation will no doubt extend the wear of your foundation and help control oil.

5. Medium to Full Coverage

When trying to stay matte, a light coverage foundation just won’t do as great of a job in keeping oils in check. There just isn’t enough coverage to keep your oils from getting through.
This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cake on the foundation, a medium coverage matte foundation will totally work.
Without any further delay, here are the top 5 drugstore foundations for your oily skin
The best drugstore foundations for oily skin

Maybelline Fit me matte and poreless foundation

This is one of my favorite and probably the most popular drugstore foundation for oily skin worth the hype!
It is a medium to full coverage foundation that was made to keep you shine-free all day. It lasts for 8 hours with a good setting spray and setting powder.

NYX can’t stop won’t stop foundation

This is a lightweight, waterproof, transfer-resistant, and full-coverage foundation that controls shine to keep you matte all day.
 it is still very long-wearing. It’s also non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores!
Also, can we give NYX a high-five for releasing this foundation with a shade range of 45 shades! You will surely find your perfect shade.

L’Oreal – Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation

This is one of my favorite drugstore foundation ever!
It’s an amazing foundation that is matte, has great coverage, and will last all day long. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

NYX total control drop foundation

This is another amazing foundation that I am currently in love with.
One thing I love about this foundation is that it comes in a dropper bottle. That means you can control the amount of product you want to get out. It keeps you matte all day and your face looking very smooth.
This is hands down one of the best liquid foundations we have.

L.A girl pro matte foundation.

L.A girl is one of the first brands I started using when I was learning how to apply makeup because their products are very affordable and very good for the price.
This foundation is all shades of awesomeness.
It is less than $10 and to be very honest, it’s one of the best full coverage drugstore foundations we have. It is very long-lasting and does keep you shine-free all day.
While trying to decide the best drugstore foundation for your oily skin, here are some great tips to help you combat that oily face even more.
The best drugstore foundations for oily skin

Tips that will help you stay matte for a longer period of time:

Use a good primer:

Primer helps to hold your makeup in place so investing in a good one will make everything look so much better.
For oily skin, I recommend you get a pore filling primer because our pore are usually larger and you don’t want your foundation to sink into it and look like it’s breaking apart. This primer will help you to achieve a smooth base for your makeup and your foundation will really flawless.
Another primer you should consider getting is a mattifying blurring foundation because this will help you to control the sebum from the very beginning.

Set your foundation with a loose Setting Powder powder:

Setting your foundation with a loose Setting Powder will help your foundation to last longer. The setting powder absorbs any oil that could be present at the moment making you look very matte.

Use skincare products that were made especially for those with oily skin:

This is self-explanatory and trust me once you start using them, you will notice a huge difference. Your face will become less oily and it will prevent acne and your face pores will always be super clean.
I have written a lot of posts regarding skincare for people with oily skin but I highly recommend these posts:
You should also try some great homemade remedies like rice water or even make your own toner. This has helped me reduce the amount of oil my t-zone produces in a day.

Best place to purchase makeup products

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I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did while writing it.
What are your favorite drugstore foundations for oily skin? How do you keep your face matte all day? Let me know in the comments section.

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