Hello and welcome.
my name is Rumaisa and I am a college student that started life with rumie back in November 2018. I am glad you’re willing to work with me so let me tell you all you need to know.
services by life with rumie

Price starts at $50 for 700 words

I am willing to write an amazing blog post for your blog that will not only make readers click on your call to action (this could be to make them subscribe to your newsletter or click on your affiliate links) but will keep them coming back for more because of how engaging my writing is.
We can all agree that writing is very time consuming and you don’t want that to take all your time. Let me write for you so that you can focus on your next big project.
work with life with rumie
This service is made for bloggers who:
-Don’t have time to update their blogs
-Want to focus on something else for some time yet want their blog to always be updated with fresh contents
-Find it difficult to write on certain topics
For maximum quality, I only write for certain niches that I have experience. The niches are
-Beauty: this includes, everything makeup, everything skincare, DIYs for beauty products and natural remedies
-college: as a college student, I know more than enough regarding this topic. I can write about college essentials, everything regarding dorm rooms, graduation, etc
-lifestyle: lifestyle is a very broad topic but my focus here is on every personal growth and development and self-care.
All I need from you to get this job done is
-blog post title
-key phrase (I can also do keyword research for you to help you find a great long-tail keyword with Atleast 500 monthly views and low keyword density that will make it possible to rank on the first page for an additional $7)
-number of words required (minimum of 700 words)

What you will get

-A well written, proofread blog post containing your key phrase and other related key phrases sprinkled all over the post.
-It will come with 2 suggested blog post titles that can increase your click rates.
-links (you will have to add that your self)
-$50 for 700 words
-$80 for 1000 words
-for 1000+ words, please contact me
-keyword research $7
-3 Pinterest pins for the blogpost $5
If you will love to know more or get started, please fill the form below and let’s get to work. I will be more than happy to help.