5 things you have to do if you want to Ace your finals

May 6, 2019rumaisah

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Exam period is one of the most stressful time in every student’s life.
There are a lot of studying to do, projects to complete and revision to do.
My first year in the university was one hell of a bad experience. I did so many things wrongs and there were a lot of things I wished I knew earlier.
During my finals last year, I became very stressed out that I became ill. Imagine trying so hard to study when you should be in your bed resting?
This year, I learned a lot from my mistakes and made some changes in my academic life. Finals don’t stress me anymore and it won’t stress you as well if you try out the following tips.
They will, in fact, help you not just to pass your finals but to actually Ace all your papers and make your GPA rise like yeast was sprinkled on it( I hope you got the joke here)

1. Start studying on time

This was something I wished I knew earlier. Last year, I started studying just a few days before my finals and the notes were too much. I ended up not getting enough sleep at night and I had a headache every single morning.
Make sure you start reading weeks, in fact, months before your finals if you still have time. Don’t let a day go by without you reading at least a page of your note. If you do that, it will help you cover up everything on time.

2. Create a study timetable

This is important if you want to succeed. You should create a study timetable and try your best to follow it. Make sure you plan it in such a way that the harder courses have more hours dedicated to them and also, don’t study to many things at once. 2-3 courses in a day are more than enough.

3. Study a lot of past questions

When I say a lot, I mean A LOT! past questions give you an idea about how the questions are usually structured and what topics questions are frequently asked from.
This will serve as a guideline for you on what topics to focus on and how you should expect the question to be like it.
Another amazing thing I found out is that questions from past questions are always repeated. Isn’t that amazing? While you’re studying, make sure you’re solving past questions as well because you never know what question will be repeated in your exams and that will just serve as a bonus to you!

4. Study with other coursemates

Studying in a group is an excellent way to learn things you couldn’t do yourself.
Some coursemates are just so good at explaining things that you might even understand their explanation way better than that of your professor!
Always try to study together with the top gurus(best-performing students ) in your class. Watch the way they study, always ask them to explain things to you that you didn’t understand and pick up some of their strategies.
You will be surprised by how much that will help you.

5. Study very early in the morning

It has been proved that studying very early in the morning is the most effective time to study.
That’s because you’ve just woken up from sleep and your brain is fresh and the head is clear so when you study during that time, your brain will retain all the information because that was the first thing your brain received.
I always try to study after I pray my fajr (early morning around 5:30 am) prayers. I know it very hard because you want to go back to sleep but trust me once you get used to it, you will surely enjoy it.
Do you have a problem staying up early in the morning? Go to bed early and when you wake up, open your windows for some fresh air, wash your face with cold water and make a cup of tea or coffee. That should help.
Which of these tips do you do? How do you study for your finals? Let me know!

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